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SHOSUM ALOHA is more than just a brand. It represents our 'ohana… our children… our legacy… all embodied by the essence of love and a spirit of aloha. 

SHOSUM® started from an idea of combining our 2 children’s names together: Shore & Summer, our son and our daughter, our two most precious blessings. They represent the love, harmony, & unity of both of us.  As they grow, we do our best to make the most of each day, to not sweat the small stuff, and to joyfully share life together as a family. Blessed with being born & raised in Hawaii, we love and respect the land, the ocean, & all cultures and people. Basically, we try to live our best lives by “showing aloha” as much as we can… we SHOSUM ALOHA! 


SHOSUM ALOHA is excited to bring our ideas to life through varied selections of apparel and goods. With hopes of sharing our joy for life with an aloha spirit, we are on a journey to spread the word! We feel that our message is meaningful and our apparel is comfortable, which makes for a great combo! We hope you feel the aloha in our products, and that in turn, you too can SHOSUM ALOHA! 

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